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Avalanche Warnings in Switzerland to be modified starting this winter. The SLF is enhancing the precision by subdividing the danger levels. It will indicate whether the danger is towards the bottom end, in the middle or towards the top end of the reported level.

The SLF (Swiss Institute for Avalanche Research) says the new system will provide “users with more precise information for assessing the risk”.

The five danger levels themselves remain unchanged.

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Georgia Tech engineering student Mirza Samnani volunteered over 1,000 hours to develop early warning systems for avalanches in Tajikistan.

Samnani hiked over 9,200 feet — three times — to install two weather stations in the village of Manem in Tajikistan. This project has the potential to affect more than 1 million people in hundreds of villages in the high mountainous regions of Central and South Asia including Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that are prone to avalanches every winter. It can also be scaled to other parts of the world where avalanches pose a high risk.

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A snow avalanche on the Manali-Atal tunnel highway beyond Solang valley blocked the highway for nearly one hour on Sunday evening. Border Roads Organisation (BRO) cleared the avalanche debris, after which the highway was opened. Fortunately, there was no vehicular movement when the avalanche hit the highway.

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Authorities issued a snow avalanche warning for higher reaches in the division.

Experts are blaming deforestation for a growing avalanche threat because once a mountain slope is bereft of its tree cover there is nothing to prevent or stop an avalanche.

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