January 7 marks one year since the tragic Silver Mountain avalanche in Idaho. Three skiers were killed and four others were buried in the snow of the avalanche and survived.

The avalanche was unintentionally triggered by skiers. It ran over 900 feet down the slope and fell about 450 vertical feet.

One of the four survivors said he is still feeling some of the emotions that he felt this time last year.

“Still really grateful, grateful to be here, grateful that there were people that saw me, grateful that so many people that day came out to risk their own lives to find me,” said Bill Fuzak, survivor of the Silver Mountain Avalanche.

But Fuzak was lucky. Three others died.

“I definitely look at the world a little different now,” said Fuzak.

Fuzak is an avid skier but said that day changed him.

“I don’t trust myself as much anymore, I’m constantly looking around and being a little more aware of what’s going on,” said Fuzak.

Through it all, Fuzak is still skiing.

He has 30 ski days in this season already, starting in October.

Fuzak said it was nerve racking getting back out for the first time. But he added that ┬áit takes time, and it’s getting better.

He said if he can offer any advice, the biggest thing to keep you safe on the mountain, is education.

“Knowledge is power, knowledge can help save you,” said Fuzak.

He said he is constantly checking avalanche reports and sending them to friends to help educate them.

He and his wife are even taking more refresher courses. They encourage everyone to get avalanche training.

And one more tip: “Don’t go alone, have someone there, because they won’t know where you are if something does happen,” said Fuzak.

Silver mountain avalanche
Rescue after Silver Mountain Avalanche
Silver Mountain Avalanche - Jan 2020
Silver Mountain Avalanche

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