A brave dog, presumed dead in an avalanche, was found alive several days later at a trailhead.

An avalanche triggered by a skier in Colorado hit a skier and snowboarder on Thursday, and their dog.

The skier deployed an airbag before being partially buried under snow. However, they lost sight of their four-legged friend amidst the chaos.

Fortunately for the skier and snowboarder, they were uninjured and able to make it out under their own power.

After looking all over for the dog presumed dead in the avalanche, the owners and a search crew had basically given up hope.

They left the scene and assumed the dog had died in the avalanche.

Search and rescue members didn’t see any signs of tracks.

Miraculously, however, after several days of being missing, the dog was found at a trailhead of Monarch Pass.

The reunion was incredibly emotional.

This isn’t the first time a pet has been rescued after dire circumstances in the Colorado mountains this season.

In December a video posted on YouTube showed skiers digging out a dog who had been under snow for 20 minutes after an avalanche.

Despite the positive outcome this time, Lazar reaffirmed that the best course of action when caught in an avalanche was for riders to keep an eye on their pet and only attempt to save them once it’s safe to do so

“We don’t want dogs to wear avalanche transceivers. We want people to be searchable by transceivers and not mixable with potential dogs with transceivers on,” Lazar said.

That’s one story that this courageously good boy or girl will remember for the rest of their dog years.

Site where a dog presumed dead in an avalanche was initially buried. It was found later.
Site where a dog presumed dead in an avalanche was buried.

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