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  • An avalanche hit a ski area cottage and killed 3 members of a family, one more was injured. It occurred at Otdelnaya Gora ski resort near Norilsk, the worlds northermost town.
  • A snowboarder was riding out of bounds in Park City was caught and killed in an avalanche. He and a partner were in Dutch Draw, the site of numerous previous lift-accessed out of bounds accidents.
  • A snowboarder was riding out of bounds at Mt Washington on Vancouver Island and was caught in an avalanche but did not end up buried. He was found the next day and taken to the hospital with hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Two snowplow drivers were buried on New Year's Day. One was recovered, dead, that day and the other on the second. A third man was injured but rescued by a local hotel manager.
  • Two snowbikers were found near Pemberton by an organized search and rescue a day after guides reported an observed avalanche.
  • Two military personnel clearing a road near there base were buried in an avalanche. At least one died in the hospital from injuries, the other was still being searched for but the outlook is not good at this point.
  • A solo ski tourer in a steep NE facing couloir died in an avalanche. He was found by a rescue team which probed, no beacon was worn.
  • Heavy rain on top of snow caused a large wet snow avalanche which caused significant damage to a ski area lodge. The area was closed at the time and there were no injuries.

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